Week one

I spent a lot of time doing research for the new series that I think I want to do on Mexico. And then, after looking and looking I started in on Friday, auditioning colors and playing around. I needed a full day just to get the easy solutions out of the way, the trite executions that are obvious ways of portraying Mexican culture.
Most of my work is abstract, but I was surprised how my color palette changed as I started to play with fabric on my design wall. This time before cutting into fabric I actually worked on the computer for a while. I used Illustrator to sketch instead of cutting into my precious fabric. I am not sure that this was entirely successful. Yes, it gave me speed. But images that are backlit on a computer screen can be seductive in a way that fabric (which absorbs light) can not. I was fooled by designs that look good on a 20" monitor but do not translate to 90" x 90". I think it was a fine way to quickly get some base ideas, but in some way I felt that it hampered me and I was less improvisational with the fabric, constantly referring to the computer print out that really was not all that good...
Beginning a new piece is so fraught with anxiety. Is this just a rehash of an old idea? Will I  be able to make this work? Will I have enough fabric (I already emailed Annette in a panic on Saturday morning and told her to get her dye pots ready)? But it is also the most exhilarating part of the process. I worked all day Saturday and Sunday and really did not like what I ended up with. But I decided to sleep on it and see what I felt in the morning.

by JudyK