Art Quilt Elements

I have wanted to get into Art Quilt Elements at the Wayne Art Center. It is a lovely venue and close to where I grew up. Well, I got in. And I was voted People's Choice Award which was very nice. But I left the exhibit feeling unsettled. There were about a dozen really nice pieces. My favorite was Elizabeth Brandt's stunning large piece which dominated a wall. Gerri Spilka and Betty Busby had some strong pieces and the exhibit drew an international crowd. A lovely opening. A nice turn out. The organizers could not have been lovelier or more gracious.
So why was I feeling unsettled?
I enjoy hearing why jurors select certain pieces. I normally find it illuminating. And I very much enjoy hearing the artists talk about their own work. The exhibit opened on Friday night and artists were invited to speak for a few minutes on Saturday.  I had expected that the jurors would make some opening remarks. Instead one juror dominated the entire hour flitting from piece to piece treating it like a Charrette you might have in design school and leaving little time for any of the artists to speak. In addition he felt the need to run his hand over several of the pieces showing little regard for the art that he was touching.  In some cases he gave some tough critiques that were in my opinion I'll informed and inappropriate for a public venue. Luckily he was not very interested in my piece so I did not have to hear his thoughts.
I respect the right of jurors to make selections that I do not agree with. I respect the fact that every juror will have a different set of opinions. Was I expect however is that they in turn respect the art work- no touching please- and that they ask the artists  before giving very public critiques.