I am becoming a hermit. I have turned down dinner invitations, weekends away, movies and museums. I have given notice to my husband and family that my time is not my own. I rush home from 10 hour days at the office, eat some yogurt (because cooking takes so much time) and then head upstairs to my sewing room to try to capture 2-3 hours of piecing before lights out. I do not think this is healthy.
I have wonderful support from family and friends, but I worry, at the end of a year of seclusion- what I essentially will have to do to meet my goal- will I have sacrificed too much? I know I cut myself off from social gatherings preferring to have 2-3 hours to sew, but is that foolish in the long run?

I do not know what the alternative is. “Balance” has always been my watchword for my office. Work/life balance has been the foundation of my firm Grafik. Yet I throw most of that out the window when it comes to sewing. I know that this is not healthy- but when I am not sewing I am fidgety. 

By the way- since I can not show some of the work i am doing right now, I will entertain you with some of my favorite pieces from Mexico. 
by JudyK