One done four to go

I have finished one of my new series. It is ok and I want to probably do a few more. I took everything down and the blank canvas was up there staring me in the face. I still have a craving to sew loose lines- scribbles, and I am going to spend some time at the masterclass at the Crow Barn really trying to figure out how to do it. I played around with cutting fabric as tests- not sewing, and I even spent a few nights just sewing squiggles in thread onto a background fabric. That netted me the closest result only because I am so poor at free motion quilting that it gave me the spontaneity that I have been looking for. I may even try that technique. And I think if I sew shapes that are not circles I will get closer. I have lots to play with. Now I just need the time.

by JudyK