I have been working steadily on my new series. And by steadily I mean 24 hours every weekend. I have bid adieu to my husband and told him I would see him on the other end...

For my new series I am still working with lines similar to my conflict series- and I am working really large. But I am working with a different color palette. I have not abandoned my dark colors, but I have added some magenta and red hot orange to the mix. I am also doing some figurative work in the background. My goal- to show the tensions between art/culture and poverty and violence in Mexico City. It is a great subject to work with and I think it has legs.

So last night I froze. Did I like where I was going? What about the figurative elements in the background? Are they trite? Since when do I do figurative work?

And the problem is that I do not have anyone to bounce my thoughts and concerns off. Since I can not show my work it is a bit like having creative handcuffs. And since I like to write about my work, I am feeling just a bit constrained. I have asked my husband for feedback- but while he is a wonderful middle east expert, visual things are not his thing!
The work is progressing very slowly since I have to essentially piece each background piece... it is kind of like making a quilt on top of a quilt. And of course I am worried that after all this labor, it might not work....
I am trying to convince myself that pushing through to something new is always scary. And not to fall back on the tried and true. But, I am not very convincing.
by JudyK