2 weeks of scribbles

I am headed back to the Crow barn in a few weeks and have thought a lot about what I want to accomplish. For master class I normally have an idea that I want to work on, but this time I want to perfect a technique that I have been challenged with for years. I want to be able to scribble in cloth. I want to be able to cut and sew lines that are so fluid that someone looks and them and thinks I have doodled. I want to cover a surface with complex lines that are so free wheeling that someone thinks it is painted on... but,  I am actually not sure if this "want" is achievable.

I have thought about much easier ways to accomplish this task. It would be easier to screen print this, to paint it on the surface, to use computer generated fabric with a sketch I have drawn out. But this does not satisfy me. So with two full weeks of free time, I am going to try and master this. I think it will be two weeks of tedious piecing, of working with patterns and templates, of going through yards and yards of cheap muslin and cheap black fabric. It may mean ending up with a useless wad of crap. And it may mean that I will have nothing to show after the two weeks.

But there is value. If after two solid uninterrupted weeks I can not achieve my goal, I will move on knowing that I have given it everything I've got.