Over the rainbow

Well, I have done it. I have announced my retirement effective Dec 31, 2014. Only 9 more months of being the CEO of Grafik. I am looking at it as 9 months to give birth to a new me.

I have come to this decision gradually. I have been transitioning out for 3 years, preparing my team, and my president to take over. It has been a gratifying time period, seeing my partners grow, step up to the plate, and surpass me. I am witnessing the kind of energy that I felt 20 years ago when I was 40 and my firm was growing and making a name for itself. For three years I have of necessity made myself as dispensable as a person can be- and that is really hard. I have operated as the hub of a wheel for so many years. It is hard to imagine my life where I am not even a spoke on the wheel.

I will spend the next few months figuring out all the little stuff I have to work on- letting clients know and helping them transition to new teams, changing the signature lines on the lease, the bank, the line of credit, the credit cards, the 401K stuff, the health plans... that part I will not miss.

I have requested that there not be a lavish fancy party- that just is not me. Instead I want to go out with a bang and raise money for a scholarship that will help deserving high school design students attend college- the Continuum Fund. I hope to hit up all my family, clients, past employees and see if they will donate to this fund. I can not think of a better way to end 37 years of being the founder of Grafik.

On the other side of the rainbow- time to do my art, time to read the paper, time to finally not have an excuse for not exercising ( my kids will be happy about that!), time to cook, get the house clean, play with the dog. Time to reflect on the past and prepare for the future.