Packing light.

I spent last night packing to go to the Crow Barn on Sunday. To keep myself honest and not sway from my assignment of figuring out how to cut and sew more fluid shapes, I decided to take a very limited selection of fabrics. I have yards and yards of black and white pimatex, some high quality muslin, and then pieces of a quilt I am working on to break up the monotony. But I am leaving my beautiful stash at home so I am not tempted to just sew up another quilt. I am bound and determined to solve my issue.

On the positive side, instead of loading 300 yards of fabric into my tiny Acura I will only have 3 small boxes. On the negative side- well not sure yet. I suppose if I go crazy doing black and white studies I can always supplement my stash with some of Nancy's fabrics. But I am going to try to be very disciplined.

The Barn comes at a good time. I just finished the second 90 x 90 inch quilt. I must say that it is a terrible pain to try and assemble this in my studio space with only one table. Some of the fabric is not lying as perfectly as I would like, but I am certain that quilting will fix that.

I also finished my quilt about the mugging. I used wool batting which I will never ever use again. Talk about bearding. It was fine against light color fabrics, but against dark it was a night mare. I spent 3 whole days picking filaments out with a tweezer, cursing all of the time. I think I have saved it, but I will cross wool batting off my list permanently and retreat back to my favorite- Thermador. No bearding problems with that at all.

At work I wrapped up a client presentation today, let all of my clients know that I am going out of town, and have a crack team back in Alexandria that will let me spend two weeks without thinking of the business.

Dave leaves for Canada and Jerusalem, my daughter from Mexico City is dropping in for 2 days and leaving a few hours before I head out on Sunday. And even my dog is taking a vacation with my son's dog in Baltimore.

So- on mothers day I will get up bright and early, pack a light load, and head off.