A tough week

Last week at work was extraordinarily hard. It was the first week at my three day a week schedule and I am not sure if I will keep this schedule. It poses some hard problems. It is tough on the staff to make my schedule meet theirs. While I love the extra day I am not really sure it works.
I think it was heightened by a meeting I had with the next in command. Like any good manager he is planning for the transition. Meeting with the management team. Keeping lines of communication open with both me and the staff. All was going well until he shared the new org chart that showed his name large. My name was above him but it said until 2015 and it was in teeny tiny type. It was like being punched in the gut. I know that there was no intent to hurt so I kept most of my comments to myself. And I thought and thought about it.

I have decided not to allow that chart out until I leave in 2015. Publishing it totally marginalizes me and I am not going to be a lame duck for 6 months. If I have to work an extra day that is fine but I categorically refuse to go out as a whisper. It is not my style. This firm is my baby and the chart was like publishing an obit before a person has died. So I have a meeting to discuss my plans on Monday.
Next week will be better!