Radio diaries

When I am in the office I can not listen to music, and Dave and I rarely have the radio on. But as soon as I step into my sewing room or the car, the radio goes on. I have found that I am learning a tremendous amount- mostly because I am listening to lots and lots of podcasts. Previous to this I always listened to music- mostly Cuban hip hop, salsa and Brazilian samba mixed in with some Chuck Brown go go. In contemplative times or if I am feeling beleaguered, I turn to Keith Jarrett and Paco De Lucia- the maestro of Flamenco. When I am feeling light hearted, Steven Sondheim musicals feel just right. But for the last month I have been immersed in podcasts- I love the stories from The Moth, Planet Money, This American Life, and TED talks. And I feel like this keeps my brain working as I puzzle how to put these crazy pieces together. I get involved with the people on Radio Diaries and learn a ton from Freakanomics. Who knew that economics could be so interesting?

Since June 1,  I have cut down to three days a week which leaves me 4 whole days to sew. I am working hard on Mexico 5 and I like the way it is coming together. I have found that having just one more day allows me to breathe just a bit easier. I get up in the morning and do not feel rushed to get to the studio- which means I am not going in at 6 am! I like being in the house alone- I have time to clean up, sit on the porch, and then buckle down to work. I have a feeling that my strong work ethic will not disappear when I retire. I still maintain a strict lunch break- 20 minutes- and have not allowed myself to dilly dally too much. I think that is something I am going to have to work on- not being so hard on myself.

Well, off to the studio. Feeling like a bit of funkadelic music will get me into the perfect mood!