random musings

I started to write a blog post about how hard and slow my latest piece is coming. And then I stopped and pressed delete, reminding me that this is my choice, and if I do not like it, change it.

I am in a better place right now at work, having resolved some of the issues that I was having, and learning that I am not always the most sensitive boss. I do tend to rush in like a bull in a china closet, making my thoughts known and not always considering the best way to deliver the message. As I get closer to December, I think my mood is better, but also I seem to have less patience for the stupid stuff. I have come to realize that I am much happier when I am working on a client's problems rather than my firm's problems. I feel like I can contribute more. I have taken myself out of the ring for solving firm issues, so I am diving more headfirst into other issues. And this decision makes it much harder on my second in command, as I am transferring the headaches to him.

I went to a retirement party last night of a good friend. As more and more of my friends enter this new phase, I am facing the dilemma of knowing that we are all aging and are not 27 anymore. Dave has been having problems with arthritis in his thumb, and it is the first time that I have ever seen him thrown by the idea of getting older. And coupled with having to get glasses, I can see he is struggling a bit. I know where he is coming from, and the entry into this 6th decade is mixed with happiness, a bit of fear, and some trepidation. How healthy are we both? Will this be an easy decade? What do I have to do to make it a good decade.

I took the first step this morning. Instead of getting right into my studio, I took Barley for a long walk. I have to get exercise and get myself in better shape. I have set up my sewing room in a way that forces me to get up out of my chair and constantly move- which can be tiring and inefficient, but I think it will in the long run be healthier. I have to try and walk every day. And while that seems like something easy, it is not for me. I get bored, and it always seems like it is stealing time from sewing. But I realize that I am stealing time from my life if I do not get healthier.

My new piece is coming together very slowly. I am have finished only 15" of a very large piece. It is complex, a bit jarring, and difficult. I guess the way I am feeling lately. This is part of my Mexico series, and I think I need to do something different after I finish this piece... maybe in a month if I am lucky.