Studio thoughts

I have been talking (actually emailing) seriously with George Abetti of Geobarns about constructing a small studio at the farmhouse in Lewes. I saw George's work in Ohio as he is building a new barn/studio for Nancy. His construction technique is pretty amazing and it allows buildings to be erected swiftly and with little waste. The buildings themselves are beautiful and spacious and I think it might be a good solution for me.

I have of course lots of doubts about committing money to build a studio especially on the eve of retirement. After all I only have 5 months of a salary coming in. I know that I can make ends meet but I had not really seriously considered building a studio. It seemed out of the realm of the possible.

Then I had a long discussion with Nancy- who of course has told me I need a studio 40 x 60 feet with a dye studio as well... And it needs to be big big big. And without the space my work will suffer, and she does not understand how I manage... yadda yadda yadda. Hearing that my work would be limited got me off my duff and I started to really think about how to create a space big enough to work on large pieces. Right now it is a chore only working on a 3'x6' table.

Well, none of my property will actually hold a building that big, and I think I would be lost in a space of that size. I think I can manage 24'x36'.
I have tried to figure out what needs to go there besides lots of wall space. I figure I need 4 very large tables- 4'x 8', space for an ironing board, place to store fabric and finished quilts, a nice chair, and not much else... what am I missing? I know I have to give this thought, but brain cells are in limited supply and the time to think is even more limited.

I know I am at the very start of a very long process, but it is exciting.