No need for Freud

For the last 25 years or so I have one dream that occurs only during my vacation. It comes every year but with variations, and it is always about my firm Grafik. I guess my brain allows me to remember this dream- I do not remember many of my other dreams- and it is one way obviously to work out all of my anxieties. I woke up feeling sad, but this is nothing new-these dreams have always been disturbing. This morning the dream woke me up- so here I sit at 5 am writing it down.

My last summer at Grafik and I wonder if I will continue to have these dreams after I retire. The dreams are almost always the same- it takes place in the offices of Grafik. Some years I recognize the office, and some years I find myself in a space I do not recognize. This morning, my dream put me in the middle of a brand new, gleaming space. There were bright new funky murals all over the walls and there was a huge spacious atrium.  People I did not recognize were milling about, no one seemed to know who I was, and I could not find my office. I kept getting lost in this labyrinth of offices populated by creative teams that were having all kinds of discussions. I turned one corner and found and empty deserted office tucked away in a corner. I saw one of my partners and asked where my office went and he just smiled. I saw our new head of creative strategies where I should sit and he told me to just find a desk and he would be over to chat when he had time. Curiously he left a used toothpick on my desk, but that was all that was there. I felt pretty alone and isolated and yet amazed at how beautiful the new space was.
Boy you do not need Freud to interpret this one.