A view of my studio

Progress is coming along on my studio. Today I wrote the first of what I think will be many many checks. But I am looking at it as a big retirement present to myself. That, and I have told Dave that he is free and clear for birthday, anniversary and valentine's day forever.
We chose a site in the middle of a grove of trees.  There is a fire pit there right now, but we can move that. We have been measuring and measuring and trying to figure out how to avoid taking down many trees. We have it down to 3 trees- a dying pine, an insignificant holly and a large sweetgum. I hate to see them go, but this is the only site that can hold the space I want.

George Abetti of Geobarns and I have been going back and forth on the plans and we finally have something I am really happy with. Naturally the top priority is wall space and I will have lots and lots of it. I think I could work on 5-6 pieces at a time if I chose to- It will have a second story loft for storage and such. And maybe even a sleeping place for imaginary grandchildren. I will have lots of light on one wall and some really nice large windows on each gable side. I have not really planned out the interiors as I want to keep it as spare as possible. I have figured out space for 4 industrial cutting tables that are 48" x 72" each. Put together I will have a nice large cutting area which is critical for me. I have decided for many reasons that this will be a dry barn, no water or septic.
One exciting thing is that my son is dismantling a 17,000 sq ft mansion in Greenwich Connecticut. And he may have tons of old windows we can buy as well as some really nice white oak flooring. So we can reuse materials and keep our costs down.