Radio silence

I have been silent for a number of months, but not stationary. It is increasingly difficult to be at work, seeing the hustle and bustle and feeling like I am not a contributing member. Letters went out today to former employees, clients, current clients and partners letting them know I will be leaving Grafik as of December 31. And I have mixed feelings of course. I am excited, and sometimes I feel like I may have made a big mistake. I have not written much here since I do not want to constantly sound like I am whining.
On the art front, I am almost finished piecing four of the 90" x 90" quilts that I have been working on. I want to try to get one more done. I am actually really liking the piece I am working on right now... pretty dark, but hey, that's no surprise considering...

I had made a decision this year not to enter any shows. So I let lots of deadlines pass. I waffled at the last moment and entered three new pieces to Quilt National, and as usual I feel pretty nervous. I am entering new work in a style that most people have not seen before. I have moved from tiny thin lines to very bold large lines.... actually more shapes than lines. The work is not as intricate, but it has more impact than my other work. But putting it out there of course gives me butterflies. It probably looks like it is pretty simple to put together, but it has been a challenge. Something in me had to graduate from the thin line compositions. I feel like the work was well received, but now it is time to move on.

I am trying not to let self doubt cloud my view. I look at other textile artists, and marvel at their precision, artistry and technique. I spent a lot of time looking at Lia Cooks work. You must look at her art. It is spectacular. But what has impressed me the most is how much her work has changed and how she has embraced technology and new ideas. I must remember that.