Airport blues

It is 6:14am and I am waiting at National Airport on my way to see a client in Cape Canaveral. And I am cranky. I have not been in my studio for days and days, sidelined by good things- like seeing family and spending time with my son, but also too busy with work. I have been burning the midnight oil learning far too much about a client that I will be spending two days with.
It dawns on me that this will be one of the last business trips that I take. That's a good thing. I have never seen glamour in business travel. Meetings, cab rides, awful food, sterile hotel rooms.
And, to top things off today is my 36th anniversary and I did not have the heart to wake Dave up at 4 am to wish him a happy anniversary.  He understands but it is still yucky.
Looking ahead I will not be able to sew until Sunday. I am going through withdrawal.