Batty over batting.

I am feeling more anxious and more calm, both at the same time. While this sounds like an oxymoron, it's true.

As I approach retirement I am slowly distancing myself from the business and have to pull myself back if I get too involved in the picky details. I have to let my ego go- and realize that my own self definition is going to change dramatically. And now is as good a time as any to begin.

I have been taking more time to read, and to experiment. Last week I did some experiments with batting. I have been trying to conquer my aversion to wool and looked at a bunch of different wool battings.  I even ordered some Mathilda's own wool batting from Australia. And I am 100% certain that I will never use Quilter's Dream Wool batting again. I like the loft of wool, but I simply can not handle the bearding problems. After sitting for three hours last weekend pulling microscopic filaments out with a tweezer I am simply not going to go through that again.

I love my Theramor- it never beards, but it is also too thin. So I tried the following combinations:

1 layer of Theramor
2 layers of Theramor
1 layer cotton - black and white
2 layers of cotton- black and white
1 layer of wool and 1 of theramor

After a day of stitching up 7 samples using the kind of parallel line quilting that I usually employ,  I honestly could not see too much difference.

The theramor was the stiffest- if I used two layers, and I liked the "starchiness" of the sample. A single layer did not have enough stiffness and I worry that on a large 90x90 it will be too flimsy.

My wool/theramor sample looked good but I still had the bearding problem on the side that did not have the Theramor insulation. I really do not want to have three layers of batting both for cost and weight of the quilt, so I knocked out that possibility.
The 2 layers of cotton actually looked decent. It gave me some fluff- but I know it will be heavy. And one layer of cotton is probably too flimsy for the big size.

I am going to try to stitch a new piece using 2 layers of cotton and see how I like it. I will keep you posted.