A most amazing week

One week ago I opened the doors of my office thinking that I was going to a staff holiday party. I was running late since my husband insisted on showering and polishing his shoes and I was irritated at our tardiness. There in front of me stood 140 people from every era of Grafik. Talk about an amazing surprise. I walked in and gradually came to the realization that I was looking at women I had worked with in the 80's, relatives from far and near,(my daughter flew in from Mexico City), neighborhood friends, dear friends from New York, staff that I have worked with who came in from California, Chicago, Savannah and New York , dear dear clients as well as professionals that have made my life easy over the years- printer, lawyers, financial advisors. Everyone who is important to me was standing in our offices and I was given the surprise of my life.

The event was orchestrated by my close friend and partner, Lynn and was catered by her husband Tom along with a cadre of helpers resulting in the best food ever served in DC. I daresay that I did not get a bite to eat- I was like a butterfly flitting from flower to flower. And aside from my wedding and the birth of my two children, this was one of the highlights of my life.

So many people have taken a part in creating this magnificent beast we call Grafik. Seeing folks from every era - from the last 35 years was like a surreal walk down memory lane, and it has taken me a full week to come down to earth from the clouds.
In some ways the last week has been harder- I am cleaning out my office, taking boxes of artifacts home, removing some of my art work from the walls and starting to say my goodbyes. I did my last client meeting today (Hurray!) and now have to prepare to for my final departure on Tuesday. I could not have asked for a finer life or a finer group of people to take this journey with. I am one of the fortunate ones, and for that I will be ever thankful.