Mental block

I have been staring at a blank design wall now for 3-4 weeks. Avoiding it at all costs. Not that I have not been plenty busy.
I have been tackling quilting one of my 90" x 90" monsters which is taking more time than I thought possible. But, I wonder if the reason it is taking so much time is that I really have been avoiding putting up a new design on my wall. 

I have been doing lots of small studies- in both paper and in fabric for a series I am working on. Some samples I have just stitched together quickly to see composition and a few I actually spent the time to construct until I realized that this was a total waste of time and another form of procrastination. I have not really been thrilled with anything although I am glad that I worked on these on 24" x 24" sizes instead of 90" x 90".
Oh, and of course I set up my new website, which, while it was rather quick, it still sucked up hours that I could have been diving in to design. And, I filled out my application for SAQA and entered a show.... so.... I have been rather occupied at not doing the hard work of starting. I have been mostly feeling deflated until today when I promised myself that I would not succumb to another temptation.And I did it. I worked for 4 hours solid on a new composition that I am rather excited about. I am experimenting with completely different fabrics to see if I can get more depth using black fabrics. Now I just have to keep at it. I find that if I do not have a solid day blocked out, I tend to piddle it away... almost like it is not worth the mental focus if I can't really be immersed. I have to get over that one quickly!
by JudyK