One and done

Week one- over and done.
My first official week of retirement sped by. Everyday I got up at 7 and was in the studio by 8, yet I was amazed when Dave walked in the door at 6 for dinner. I do not know where the time went.
I have been asked if I miss work. I miss my co-workers, but I do not miss work, I do not miss the commute, and I do not miss talking. My days have been silent for the most part. I listen to podcasts or music, but aside from talking to my dog, I am quiet. That is a huge change, and one that I quite rather like.

I am surprised how little I got done on the one piece I am currently machine quilting. It is one of the 90"x 90" beasts and I am going rather slow on this one. But I have found that other things occupy my attention.

I frittered away time on Facebook and eBay and after the first two days realized that I simply had to zone my efforts. I look at my computer when I get up, after lunch and at 4:30. Besides that it now has to be off limits. It is too distracting. I spent way too much time choosing a roof color for the studio and looking at Pinterest to see what I want the outside to look like. I have fallen in love with this house and have been studying siding colors. I like the darker palette and want my small studio to have some cache but not stand out too much.
On the positive side I had two lovely mid day Skype sessions with my daughter Jody which broke up some longish bouts of sewing straight lines. I seem to have more patience at the dinner table for extending conversations and not rushing away to my studio.

With the encouragement of Jody, I signed up for yoga classes and walked the dog almost everyday. It has been wicked cold here and I have not wanted to move out into 16 degree weather. I promised myself that exercise would no longer be pushed out of the way and I am going to try to live up to that. And I signed up to donate blood.

But the biggest task and one that took up most of the precious sewing hours was to set up my website. I guess I spent about 10-12 hours doing that, but I think it will be a necessity. It is about 75% of the way done but I will wait to launch it on February 1. I want time to consider it and make changes and proof read it carefully. My best editor, Lynn, is not working on this with me, and I feel her loss immensely.

So it has been a very busy week with no time at all to be bored, lots of time to think, and opportunities to start to structure the coming weeks. I feel good.

by JudyK