Banana bread and going bananas.

I rarely meet with other quilters. My time has been at such a premium that with the exception of my weeks at the barn, I really do not talk with other artists much. And I am not sure that this will change. But yesterday I had a really lovely coffee break with Karen Schultz. Karen has perfected a technique- which is not mine to share- that results in the most lovely fluid lines. So when she invited me over to her studio I jumped at the chance. I was looking forward to seeing how she is coming with a few of her large projects and the opportunity to connect with someone who is as passionate about fabric, art and stitching as I am.

Yet at the same time I was nervous about talking with anyone since I have been gong bananas over the piece I am working on. Part of me wanted to stay shut in my studio to work out the color issues that I was having. I have auditioned so many background colors and the evening before I had ripped down 2 days of work since it was obvious to me that my color choice was not working. So it was with trepidation that I left my room to go meet with Karen.

Over a delicious home baked banana bread it was like I had just gotten off a desert island and all I wanted to talk about was quilting. We compared notes on everything from batting choice, my recent battles with quilting pleats, the creative process- and creative worries. Two hours sped by and at the end I felt like I had just been through therapy- I was more relaxed, centered and excited about diving in again.
I very much doubt that this one experience will lead me to join either quilting guilds or online listservs. I am too much of a loner for that. But I have learned that I need to seek out conversations with like minded artists if for nothing else then to get some affirmation that I am not crazy. So I guess if I have to make a choice between going bananas alone or banana bread, I will choose the latter. Thank you Karen!
by JudyK