Switching off

I have never had so much time to quilt-and I am making good use of the time. Yet I find myself playing little games with myself to keep from getting bored. I am working on 2 quilts at a time. I am piecing one- which is about 75% done and I am continuing my battle with quilting the monster. I find that just machine quilting lines can sometimes drive me batty so I am alternating- one week piecing and one week quilting. I find at the end of each week I am excited for the change. And soon I will add back designing. With only one design wall I can't piece and compose a new quilt at the same time. And, when I am bored of that and need a break I bury the threads on the back of my quilt. Since I have an old Bernina 1630 there are no automatic knots or tie offs- so I have zillions of threads that have to be pulled through. It is a good mindless task when I just need to relax.

There are other diversions that are not as helpful- like anything to do with my computer, ipad, or iphone. I realize now how much time can be wasted- and it is so easy to get sucked in to email or Facebook or mindless searching for something I really do not need. So I am getting in the habit of leaving all these electronic devices downstairs- so I am lured in or tempted to waste time. It is not an easy battle and I am not always successful- but I am trying.

by JudyK