My very own Stick and Pick

It is real! The building crew arrived last night and I soon found this lovely yellow machine in my front yard. My son Max informed me that it is called a Stick and Pick and its sole purpose is to move materials around a job site. Watching a skilled operator maneuver this behemoth is like watching a ballet. The  good operator is moving relatively quickly to unload a very long semi that is now blocking the entire road. I only hope my neighbors do not get angry!

Three guys who I will get to know very well, George, Cory and Steve all seem very sweet and interesting. I fed them dinner last night and I can see that they are all pretty self sufficient.... which is really good since I had nightmares of having to cook three meals a day which would have put me over the top.
Working in the house will be challenging as these are three men- like my husband and son who have what I call "Male Counter Blindness" in that they think they have cleaned up and are rather proud that they have carried the dishes to the sink, but can not see that the table, floor and counters need to be wiped down. In my 37 years of marriage to a wonderful man, I still don't remember when David really wiped down our counters with anything but a napkin. For the crew, I will get used to it, and just have to realize that clutter will be part of my life for a while. I can live with that!
So it is clear to me that I have to Stick with the program and Pick my battles carefully.

by JudyK