Where does the time go? Part 1

So how come I am busier now then when I was running a company? Every day I look at the clock and it is already 4pm and I do not know where the time has gone.
I actually know how some of the time has been spent. Part 1 of this posting will deal with the crap and part 2 will deal with the fun. So for the last 2 months since I posted my time has been spent:
1. Finishing the basement that was flooded. It's so funny- 30 years ago I would have agonized over the color of the walls, ceilings, baseboards. I would have looked at hundreds of rug samples.This time I just wanted it to be over and really did not care or obsess too much. But it was three weeks of having workmen in the house dragging materials, sanding drywall, and smelling paint fumes. I have never dusted so much for so little results but the good news is that it is done.


2. Planning for the studio. There are a zillion little details that have to be attended to- from choosing the flooring to figuring out pulls for the barn door. Ground was broken and a foundation is up. The crew arrives on the 20th and I will be out at the farmhouse for a week getting things ready for our place to house the crew. It is exciting but also time consuming. And again- the dirt and mud is a bit overwhelming. I did not know that mud could be so deep- and it seems that Barley our dog loves to play in the mud. 

3. Learning to sew with my new Bernina- which I love! But honestly, why do they have to make automatic threaders so darn hard to use? Some hidden pride- or not so hidden- made me promise myself to master this. Which is fine- but has taken so much time to do. I will say that it took me 2 weeks after I brought the Bernina home for me to open it up and start sewing with it. It was not because it was intimidating- actually it is a fairly intuitive machine and if you know your way around computers and Berninas it is actually a cinch. No, I did not unpack it because I felt like I was cheating on my good old Bernina 1630. I actually found myself talking to the 1630 assuring it that it was not going to be closeted away. I will write a separate posting on what I like and do not like about my new Bernina.... mostly like!

You may be wondering what the top photo has to do with anything... it is a preview of part 2- Jacarandas in Mexico City.

by JudyK