Where does the time go? Part 2

Mescal bottles

Part of the joy of being retired is that I get to spend more time with family. With our two kids out of the house I miss having family time- although the time we get to spend together is quality time. Previous to retirement I was more resentful of any time taken away from sewing. Now I find that the extra time I have is happily spent visiting and spending time with relatives. Some of the wonderful "interruptions" have included:
My mom
my sister Ava
1. Relatives. Normally I am "ansy" when I have to go home to visit more than a few days. This time I took my Bernina and a quilting project and happily spent 5 days with my mom. Having something to do at home took away the boredom and allowed me to enjoy the time I spent with her. I have taken four trips to Philly in the past two months. Besides spending time with my mother I got to see my sister who lives in Ann Arbor and my brother and sister-in-law who live in Philly. I also spent 3 days in Teaneck New Jersey with my in-laws and while formerly I could not wait to leave (not because of the people who I love dearly) but because there is nothing for me to do there and all I do is eat and sleep). I think that retirement has allowed me to be more creative on how I spend time with family- and so I am more relaxed and enjoy it more.
Jody and me
2. Friends. I have spent more time with friends- maybe just having a cup of coffee or a delightful dinner with our closest friends at the beach. I no longer automatically say "no"- I find myself saying "yes" more often.
3. Our family Mexico trip Taking two weeks with my family- Dave, Max and Les and Jody and her new boyfriend Alfredo was simply wonderful. Despite the fact that I was sick the entire time and could not eat (which had the positive effect of helping me lose some weight instead of gaining), I enjoyed just being with family and did not think of sewing much. I will confess that visiting the magnificent Textile Museum in Oaxaca got me excited about learning to dye fabrics this spring.
The ceiling of a small church in Talavera 
Carved stone facing of an office building in Puebla

Palace of Belles Artes. A mural under restoration

Warehouse door in Mexico City
Street graffiti in Oaxaca
The Mexican art world takes my breathe away. Diego Rivera, murals at the Belles Artes, the Popular Art Museum in Mexico City, the street vendors- every where you look there is color and energy. The street art is varied- from hand painted store signs to wall murals everywhere you look.

The use of are and color- whether it is a simple painted wall, a carved stone facade, or a vegetable stand keeps your senses jumping.
Food market in Oaxaca

Is there a better way to spend two weeks?
by JudyK