Where does the time go? Part III

Time passes by so slowly and so quickly when you have a creative block. I have not written lately since my creative juices have seemed to dry up. I have been doing small studies- and have done about 15 so far, and nothing captures my interest. They all look rather stale and uninteresting. I keep wondering if I am repeating myself, and I am starting to wonder where new ideas come from.
I have been trying not to go back to my ultra thin lines and circles since I feel like that is going backward. And my bold lines can only take me so far. I have been doing some exercised combining thick and thin lines, but nothing grabs me so far.
I am out at the farm alone for the first time, waiting for the work crew to arrive to start construction on the studio. I thought isolation might help me break through my creative stalemate, and it is nice to be alone. I actually think that the anxiety to create 3 pieces for a specific show is what is hampering my progress. The pressure is not different from working on commission- something I do not want to do, and I wonder if I would accept a challenge like this again. I have some techniques that I want to try, but my deadline looms and I must have some really good pieces to show.
I am using each study to try out different ideas- and I am starting to wonder if size is what is screwing me up. I am so used to working large, that 24" x 24" pieces look rather weak. I think my work has to have that large size to be impactful. In a smaller scale they just look simplistic instead of bold. And I am defaulting to colors that I know will work instead of trying out new combinations. In the interest of moving forward I am clearly going backward.

by JudyK