I burst into tears yesterday in my Dyeing class.
Let me explain.
I really had not been looking forward to attending two weeks of dyeing at the Crow Barn. It felt like I just needed to take my medicine and not whine... it would be good for me but I was NOT going to enjoy it. In fact I almost backed out reasoning that I had too much work to do and wanted to see how the studio was going. But as I had already paid for it and had reservations at the RosaBella B&B, I decided it was too wasteful to just quit before I gave it a try.
My preconceptions of this class could not have been more wrong. My first week with the glorious Carol Soderlund taught me many things- not only about dyeing fabric- but about process, methodology, chemistry, and what makes an excellent teacher. Carol kept me spell bound for the entire week. It was great fun to turn white fabric into colored fabric- but what intrigued me most was getting a window into the mind of Carol. She has developed a system for color that is mind-blowing AND NOT JUST FOR DYERS! If she had not turned into the premier teacher of color theory she would have made a phenomenal systems engineer... or a comedian. And I really felt that I was in the presence of a MacArthur Genius Fellow.

She was giving a lecture on color and her three dimensional color cube, and for the very first time in my life (remembering that I was in the design business for 37 years) I was able to grasp what it means when you say there are infinite colors in the world. Now most people hear those words and really do not comprehend what they signify. It is too difficult to get your arms around what that phrase means- so we gloss over it. But as Carol got us immersed in her system, I all of a sudden understood the implications of infinite colors, and I burst into tears. It was a powerful moment that I will not soon forget.

The mark of a great teacher is the she can impart knowledge and keep you on the edge of your seat at the same time. Carol Soderlund is one of the greats. Do everything you can to attend one of her workshops. It will change the way you see things.