Loyalty and learning.

I pride myself in being a pretty loyal person- I have worked with some partners for 30 years and more- even when they may be more expensive, but I believe in supporting people who have supported me. Recently I have found that blind loyalty may not always be the best path if it prevents one from learning or growing. Here are just two examples.

1. My 1630 Bernina has served me well- she has been a work horse and I was reluctant to move to another machine. I felt that I could tough it out. Well working on the Bernina 750 has been a dream and I have experienced how much of a difference new technology and more harp space can mean to my work. I know I will use my 1630, but it will be harder to put my 750 aside simply because I want to be loyal.

2. I have worked with the same dyer for almost 8 years and she is fabulous- Annette Wink of Badger Canyon Dyes. And I will absolutely continue to work with her. But my loyalty to her prevented me from learning how to dye fabrics. I almost felt like I was cheating on her. I decided, after many years of hesitation to learn how to dye from the master Carol Soderland, and boy oh boy have I been missing something all these years. I feel like a kid in a candy store, and I have learned so much background and theory that even if I never dye a piece of fabric after these two weeks at the Crow Barn it will still have changed the way I look at color.

Personal growth does not have to eliminate the strong relationships I have developed. Quite the contrary. I think it will result in a more meaningful more educated exchange and certainly a lot more appreciation for the work that Annette does.