The 20/20 exhibition in Harrisburg

What makes a good exhibition? 
1. Every single piece in the show is excellent.
2. Every piece has room to breathe- air around it.
3. There is an interesting theme- something that draws you in and helps you make comparisons you might not ordinarily make.
4. Dramatic lighting that does not add or detract from the art work
5. A great curator
6. The opportunity to sit and talk with some of the artists
7. Variety
8. An architectural space that permits surprises to occur while you walk around
9. A good catalogue
10. Promotion of the exhibit so many people can see it.
Kathy Loomis's piece
Paula Kovarik's beautiful piece

Kathy Loomis on the left and Terry Jarrad-Dimond in the background.
What an exhibition Pat Pauly put together at at the Susquehanna Art Museum! A real gem and one that I was so pleased to be included. Pat juxtaposed historic Amish quilts with contemporary artists and the effect was stunning. Every single piece looked contemporary. Some of the Amish quilts reminded me of Albers or Rothko until you got up very close and saw the precise hand quilting and age of the beautifully colored cottons. And every one of the 20 artists that Pat selected had their own voice- and each one was stunningly different.
Nancy Crow on the left

 My favorite was probably a piece by Dinah Sargeant who also had a stunning piece in Quilt National which was also my favorite quilt in the show. Her drawings are so complex, rugged and beautiful- and having them translated in cloth feels very natural to me.
I was especially taken with the pairing of Jane Sassaman's quilt with an older piece that echoed her theme. It was eerie how similar the two pieces were even though they looked quite different.
The event was made even nicer since I got to hang out with Dominie Nash, Ginny Smith and Pat Pauly. Our little Virginia/ Maryland neck of the woods was well represented.
Sorry that I do not have many more photos, but I confess that I am not a photo taker.
We were very lucky that Paula Kovarik was charged with producing a beautiful catalogue and postcards announcing the show. The design is beautiful and the reproduction quality is professional- not one of those throwaways printed on toilet paper. My only complaint is that the museum could have done a lot more to promote the show and make the opening special. The opening was a non-event except for the fact that we had a beautiful show to look at. Social media should have been used more to promote the exhibit and get more people to see this beautiful show.
Thanks again to Pat Pauly, the curator, for assembling such a wonderful exhibit.