The Last Five Weeks

Waiting for the next stage which begins this morning.

I feel like there are not enough hours in the day to do all the things I want to do, need to do, have to do. So writing has fallen by the wayside as I tried to finish two quilts before my daughter arrived from Mexico with her boyfriend. Between machine quilting No. 2 and rebinding No.1 and pinning No.3 I have had no time for actual design- which is starting to make me nervous. The good news is that I had two quilts completely finished and I am tackling quilting the third as I spend a week out at the beach alone with David.
The view from my sewing window at the farm
The last three weeks has been marvelous in many respects- lots of family time, a vacation of sorts. But three weeks of almost constant guests had me a bit fatigued and on edge. How many dishwasher loads, planned meals, shopping expeditions, endless loads of laundry can one family produce? The answer is way too many. Luckily my family helped out but nevertheless the burden usually rests with me. Sometimes happily so, and sometimes frustratingly so. With my sewing machine sitting idle for weeks, I was hankering to get back- but I also know that the times my family can get together are far and few between. The last three weeks my family won. This week it is time to get back to work.
The rearranged sewing/bedroom for this week
In order to quilt at the beach I rearranged my sewing/bedroom to accommodate sewing a larger piece. So far so good. After we arrived yesterday I put 5 solid hours in and got a good start.
I am trying; using only one piece of batting to see if it will lay better and I think it will. I decided to use black batting since most of the areas are black- and after staring at the quilt for an hour, I figured that the light areas were going to be fine appearing slightly darker. I am quilting with silk thread and like the subtle effect. And I found a great website for ordering YLI thread- cheaper than any other place that I have found and it arrived promptly with two free color charts showing all their Mettler and YLI thread.
The progress of the studio has come to a screeching halt for the last month as I sourced an electrician- which is harder than finding hen's teeth. So many calls left unreturned- bids that never came, contractors that never bothered to get in touch. But finally I found a good electrician and drywall guy. This has pushed everything back quite a bit but I am hoping to be in by the end of October.
A maze of tables and boards.
Meanwhile I am doing a Virgina Reel navigating around the ironing board and large table at home. I finally decided to try an make the large cutting board double as a large ironing surface and I found a HUGE California King sized 100% cotton quilted bedspread for $9.00 which will become my new ironing surface when it is folded in quarters. It is so heavy that it would not dry after 3 drying cycles.
This week my goal is to try to get back to writing more- we will see if I am successful.