I finally got the word that I have been juried into Color Improvisations 2. The exhibit will open in March in a town north of Hamburg, Germany. The exhibit will feature the work of 43 international artists and will showcase 50 quilts that have been machine pieced and machine quilted. That means no fusing or appliqué. Looking at the list of artists I am pleased to be in such good company. Unfortunately we are not allowed to show these quilts before the March 11 opening.
Ever since Color Improvisations 1, I have wanted to be in this exhibit.  I remember being so jealous of the artists who were included in the first show. I looked longingly at the beautiful catalogue and felt a bit out of it as many of the women moved around the class getting their catalogues signed. The truth is that I was not mature enough and did not have a voice. My work was just developing. But I remember thinking that this was a good motivator to get me act together and to work hard to get into the next show. I looked at the artists as role models, and some of my favorite quilters were represented in the first show. Those artists still inspire me to push myself.
We are not allowed to show photographs of the quilts that are being shown, but Nancy Crow, the curator has stated, "... that this will be one of the most important exhibitions to come along in years!   The 50 works of the 43 artists included in this exhibition are solidly strong and wonderfully exciting!  This has been my dream and that of Ginie Curtze for some time:  “Let the public see and witness an exhibition of machine-pieced compositions that is as close to 100% excellent as possible and which is clearly all about “ART!”.  

Organized by Ginie Curtze
March 11- July 1, 2016
Museum Tuch + Technik Textilmuseum
Neumünster, GERMANY