Waves be gone

Backside of one monster

I think I have finally cracked some of the problems that have been making my quilting uneven and wavy. I think the answer is patience and time.

I am taking a fairly labor intensive approach to quilting that is netting good results.
1. I pin the overall piece in the direction of the lines I will be quilting instead of evenly spaced.
2. Then I select a small area to quilt- working from the center out.
3. I draw my stitching guides and use straight pins to hold it into place.
4. I baste along the stitching lines. I have been basting lines every 2 inches or so.
5. Then I go back and start stitching, ripping out the basting lines as I go. I am not using a walking foot and I am getting better results.
6. Then the fun part of removing the threads from the from and back.

I am certain that there is a better way to go about this- but it seems to giving me a good result even if it is taking a lot of time. I figure I can do about a 15" square area every day if I am focused.
It is netting a pretty flat surface without huge puffed out areas. I have also switched back to using only one layer of batting- which is infinitely easier and much flatter. I went back to an old standby- Hobbs 80/20 black and I am pretty happy with the results. It is not as stiff as some of the pieces I have done, but it is also not puckering.
Pinned fabric every 3 inches which I smooth out as I go
Small area of fabric pinned along stitching lines to keep in place and flat.

No puckers or traveling fabric.

Having fun with a lined backing fabric which I love instead of a solid.
by JudyK