The ten percent

I have been working hard to finish up a fourth quilt top for the exhibit in May. I only need three but I want to have a choice. I have been piecing  this one top for a month and a half and at the end of each week I tell myself that I will be done NEXT week. It always seems like the end is so close.
I was moaning about this to my son, Max, and he said," Mom don't you know that the hardest parts of any project are the 10% in the beginning and the 10% at the end." Truer words have never been spoken. I have been giving this a lot of thought and I know it applies to me.
My pieces go together somewhat quickly- but then assembling them is a real challenge. If I want my lines to connect, even 1/8" off makes shapes that look off. So the last 10% takes me hours and hours of carefully shifting pieces to make them all connect. And even when I am pinning, being a teensy bit off won't work. This is the only time I do not listen to music or podcasts when I work since I need 100% concentration, and Dave knows not to darken my door while I am trying to finish off this last bit.
Of course the beginning ten percent is challenging- when my inner critic is blasting away at anything that I put up on the wall. Nothing seems new or interesting, or fresh, or different. The shapes are off, the colors are mundane, and I am doomed. This first part is where I am the hardest on myself- but it is also the part of a project that has my heart racing. It is the part that will determine if I am growing or settling.
It would be easier if the two hardest parts, the end and the beginning were not back to back. But sometimes in the monotony of machine quilting or binding, or ripping seams, I long for the challenge that reminds me why I love this so much.