Relaxing in retirement

I think yesterday qualifies as my first day of retirement- at least mentally. Instead of working in my studio all day I accepted an invitation to have lunch with two close friends. We sat and gabbed for three hours and I felt completely relaxed. And right now I am sitting outside of a Starbucks writing this post and sipping a cappuccino. The sun feels good on my back and as soon as I am finished with my annual physical in two hours I will be really relaxed. 

Yesterday I could finally see the end in sight for the three pieces I am submitting. And today I got them together and emailed them over to the curator. So I am a bit nervous about the reaction but also relieved that this marathon has an end. I sent four submissions and hope hope hope that the ones that are almost finished are selected. Otherwise it is back to the salt mines. 

I have also been pondering my trunk show trying to give it a form. I have decided to talk about working in a series and will bring two quilts from each of my series. I am always amazed at how different an initial piece is from the later works and often think how much would have been lost if I moved onto something new each time. It means showing some early pieces that are not as refined as some of the later pieces but that is the point of it. I also think it is healthy to show things that are not widely known. I have never shown the quilts from my cancer comb series and am excited to dispay them in public for the first time.

Apart from finishing my large pieces I think I am starting to be fit from yoga. I have tried to put some of the relaxation techniques to good use and while I normally feel achy after my Tuesday morning sessions, I think they are doing me good. 
by JudyK