Insecurity/ confusion/ and other generally unhealthy emotions

Conflict No 2
I have wanted to write this post for a while, but I really needed to collect my thoughts and see how much of my inner thoughts I could share. And now I am ready.
I entered Quilts=Art=Quilts. I only entered two pieces since I really only have 2 new pieces that are not embargoed by show constraints. I entered a piece from my Anxiety series (which got in) and a piece from my Conflict series which did not. The day that the announcements were supposed to come out came and went, and I heard not a word. Turns out there was a glitch with the judging and all the announcements were delayed. But that day, despite all my internal pep talks on juried shows, my stomach was in knots and I kept checking my email every 15 minutes.
I got in- but that is not what is upsetting me. What upset me is that I pretty much know that pieces that are in my Anxiety series will be seen. And most of them- have been very successful in shows. But I can not say that about my newest pieces in my Conflict series. So far only one has gotten into any juried show. I keep entering a few into various venues but I keep coming up with goose eggs.

Conflict No 4
The differences between the two series are not just in scale. The Conflict series uses very large bold lines- large rectangles of colors as opposed to my Anxiety series that is composed of very complicated circles and thin intersecting lines. The Anxiety quilts are what one person called "crowd pleasers."
Detail, Anxiety No 1
Lots of intricate work. The Conflict quilts look like they are much easier to assemble- which actually they are not. And while people may not drool over these pieces, I actually like them better. They speak to the issues I am keeping in mind- and I think they are a good step forward. But I do not think most people will view them that way. And this confuses and concerns me.

I have spent the last two years sewing pieces exclusively in the Conflict series.
All of my newest work- both for Color Improv 2 and for the show at the Dairy Barn in May are part of the Conflict series. So what if they are not liked as much, or seem simplistic? I am concerned that my work in the next two exhibits will be met with indifference and may not be understood. Will they make a connection with the viewer or leave one cold?  And I am equally concerned that I might let popular sentiment derail me from a path I still want to explore. Does it matter if no one likes them if I do? Am I taking an objective look at these pieces? Is it a cop out to default back to a style that I know wins kudos?

I like approval. I like my work to be seen and appreciated. But at what cost?
Anxiety No 8