Studio update

The studio is finally moving forward again after several weeks of no work..the crew arrived from Ohio and has installed the ceiling. They also put a sub floor in. Max's wood arrived yesterday from the mill and is getting ready to be installed. I can not wait to see what it will look like.

I am pleased to,say that the crew are perfectionists which is just what I want. They are a fairly young group of guys - 27, 29 and 35 and they have such a pride in craftsmanship that I know the finish work will be beautiful. I will say that it is " interesting" having three guys living in our house. They have been good about taking care of the place but they all have "male counter blindness" and do not understand that kitchen and bathroom surfaces need to be wiped! Also it is interesting to see the assortment of processed food that has made its way into my house. It gives new meaning to the term "junk food".

I figure that I should be able to move in sometime in December. It will be such a pleasure not to have to do a do-si-do every time I need to iron or pin up a piece.. And having multiple walls is so exciting. Being realistic I can not see actually working in there until after the new year.

I must admit that it is a bit scary to think that all my space excuses will evaporate. But so will my space problems.

by JudyK