Wave of the Future

It is ironic how things always seem to circle around.
Long before I was a quilter I was a graphic designer. And in 1984 I created a poster that has been possibly my most famous piece of design work- way more famous than any of my quilts. I actually still get requests almost every week for copies of the poster- but alas- no more exist, and it is not mine to sell. The poster did so well that it became part of a divorce settlement between a former senior partner and his third or fourth wife... I can't remember... It is in the Computer History Museum in California and was even made into a jigsaw puzzle.

The idea for this poster came from the famous Hokusai Wave. It was designed for a computer start up- VM Software and was printed way before computers were commonplace- and in many ways it captured what was happening in the computer aided design (CAD) world. Now it would be rather easy to find a program that could illustrate this quickly but back then this entire piece was colored, painted and inked by hand. We used rapidograph pens and in addition to me I had 3 or 4 designers that did one hour shifts inking the lines. We worked with an illustrator to color in the tiny little boxes and to paint a background of color behind all the lines on the right.
Now, as I look forward to my trip to Japan, now set for September, I smile to think how everything has come full circle.