Studio update- the floor that Luc and Max built

The wood from my studio came from a Baltimore row house very much like this one. Instead of demolishing it Details Deconstruction  is taking these houses apart and using every bit of salvageable material. My wood came from roofing joists that were probably built in the early part of the 20th century. If you would like to read more go to Baltimorebrickbybrick.com

Well actually Max did not build the floor but I should not resist the phrase. LJWright and his crew including Ross and Jeremy built the interior and laid the beautiful floors. But the wood has been on quite a journey and it is not done yet. 
It is wonderful to see the wood that my son Max provided through Details. I think it is going to look fantastic and Details has saved this wood from a landfill and provided work force training to boot. Luc and his team brought out the beauty of the wood with their superb craftsmanship and knowledge of working with distressed reclaimed lumber. 
The salvaged wood is stored in a large warehouse in Baltimore.
Then it was taken to a mill in Maryland to have it sanded down just a tad before delivering it to my studio in Delaware. Some of the boards are 14" wide and 15' long. The boards are all different sizes which makes putting this together quite a jigsaw puzzle.

Loaded in the truck and ready for delivery.
Luc and his crew started to prepare 
the concrete floor of the studio.
In addition to the floor, 
Max's wood is going to be used 
on the stairs and as trim in 
some of the storage areas. 

The tread is pine that has been slightly sanded 
and the riser has the original patina. 
Storage under the stairs using 
the reclaimed wood for trim.

Here is how the floor is starting to come together. It will be lightly sanded and then covered with poly-urethane.
Stay tuned! I go out on Thursday for another visit.

by JudyK