A warm up exercise.

In order to start again after not having designed a piece in quite a while I have given myself an exercise. I am going to do a smallish piece where there are almost NO straight lines. I know that my construction techniques are a bit rusty and I want to practice curves. So I will work on a piece where I use NO rulers.
Now I know that most improv quilters eschew rulers- but I for one love my straight edges. And I have rulers in every size, material and shape. But I have hidden them in a hard to get at place so they will not be easily accessible. I feel like a recovering addict that knows that they must make certain accommodations to keep on the straight and narrow- so my rulers are living in a different room for now.
And I also decided that since I have not worked with small piecing that it would be good to try putting together a complicated piece to get my brain working again.
I thought about  randomly cutting up piles of the same motif and recombining them- but in truth I am much too much of a control freak to like that technique. So I am deliberately designing and placing each shape- and having lots of fun with it while I hone my sewing skills.
I am also working with just a few colors since I have some choice fabric that I am nervous about cutting into. I figure that if I do some studies first I will have an easier time once I want to cut into my special cloth.
As I have been working my brain has been whirling around. How does an artist change style and still keep their voice. More on this as I sort things out.
by JudyK