Part 3a- how do I know when I have gone to far?

Or- in a more positive light how do I know when I am finished the composition?
The answer is that I do not always know. It is mostly a sixth sense that tells me that I am done- or that could be exhaustion talking! My compositions often take a long time to piece together- so I have a lot of time to mull over whether it needs more or less. Adding more is easy- subtracting is much harder. I in fact have several compositions where I think I went over board- One I was not able to fix and one still is in my to-do pile.
I think that one of the hardest part for me is remembering how different a piece looks once it is quilted. An area that looks pretty bare is going to look completely different with texture so I have to continually remind myself not to add that additional line or circle. In the composition below I was distraught after I looked at the heavy circle that I added in the lower left hand corner. It was much nicer in the composition above without it. And I fretted about that one for quite a while. I ended up leaving it as is since it would have been almost impossible to redo the background and circles. But to this day it bugs me.
I should have left this alone.

One circle too many

Sometimes I take a piece too far and saving it means that I might have to re-crop it to make it work. It is tempting to let complexity get the upper hand. In the piece below I went way over board. I have put it aside for a while and every now and then I look at it and crop it, and turn in around. And I am still not sure if I will do anything with it. Certainly not as is.... a good case where a piece got too complex. Take a look below. This is still in my to-do pile... 

Original quilt.
Turned and cropped

Cropped tighter

and tighter

a different crop.

by JudyK