Pins and needles, closets and drawers

It is amazing how therapeutic cleaning can be- and how it can really help you avoid stuff you don't want to deal with- like starting something new and different.
I cleaned yesterday and today. And I really cleaned down deep- like going into the drawers of my sewing room and organizing all the stuff in the drawers. I found that I have 7 boxes of clover fine glass head pins, about 10 refills for chaco markers, lots of scissors- one can never have too many scissors, baskets of scraps that I will certainly use some day (Hah- in my wildest of dreams), and 12- yes 12 lint remover rolls- since one can never have enough of them.
And today I felt it necessary to clean out other drawers and the linen closet- finding that my linen is really really old and it is time to get new sheets. I repurpose old sheets by using them to wrap my work in- so of course after I emptied the linen closet I decided to re-roll a bunch of the quilts- a totally unnecessary endeavor but one that took up several hours of time. Perhaps the funniest part was when I was refolding a white sheet that I bought at a hotel liquidation sale- don't ask- I was under the impression it was a Frette sheet so I really did not want to tear it up even though I doubt that I have ever used it. Well- when I went to carefully refold it- I looked at the label again and instead of a Frette sheet- it was a Medic sheet for hospital beds.... guess what is now covering several of my older pieces!
But seriously, how does one know what is a healthy break and what is procrastination? I feel like I should just dive in and be able to start something new and wonderful... but that is a lot of pressure to put myself under. If I could just do something new and drop the "wonderful" part it would be easier. That is one of the reasons I usually make a crazy quilt during the Christmas break- and perhaps that would be a lot smarter than trying to force creativity and just allow myself to breathe.
Or- I could start scrubbing the bottoms of my pots and pans- after all they are rather dirty!

by JudyK