Constructs, twists and turns

I set up a construct for myself not to use any straight lines or any rulers. I am practicing cutting freehand which is fun and somewhat liberating but also makes me nervous. I have had to look at forms in a different light- and lots of the curved shapes are throwing me for a loop. But I have my faithful ripper by my side and have had no problem taking out areas that are not working. But I most certainly do not have the same confidence with non-linear shapes as I do with straight ones. I am looking at all of these as practice and I have a bunch of unrelated ideas that I want to play around with. As someone who believes in working in a series I am wondering if experiments fall into a different kind of series. I want to make sure that I do not skip around too much and miss that wonderful accident that often makes a piece work. It is hard to spot the accidents when you are so focused on getting things right.

A triumph is that I finally finally cut into some precious indigo fabric that I have been hoarding for quite a while. It is very beautiful and has an almost metallic sheen and I know it would be gorgeous on one of my linear compositions. But since I am determined not to work with lines I am using this very stiff indigo for the first time with curves which is giving me all kinds of interesting construction headaches that I know would not occur otherwise. But it is good practice and I am learning the limits of this particular kind of material. It is exceptionally stiff with almost no give. It almost feels like plastic sheeting. Yet it is exceptionally interesting and I know something will come of it.

At the heart of some of these experiments is some real thought about how I am going to quilt these pieces- I almost feel like freehand quilting is calling out to me- maybe with a combination of hand quilting- and that will be a tremendous departure from my 1/8” parallel lines. I have also thought about what effect trapunto might have on some of these odd shapes- since I need a mechanism to separate the foreground from the background. So many variables- so many interesting twists and turns. 

by JudyK