snow snow snow

I am sitting here in the dark without power and heat but luckily my laptop is fully juiced! So I have really no excuse for not writing  a post even though i may not get it up for a few days. Washington really does not handle snow well, but even this defies imagination and is well past what we are equipped to handle. Naturally Dave is out of town in Prague and so once again he dodges the snow bullet. This time the snow is so deep that i really can’t do it myself.

Very fortunately Max and Les came down here yesterday before the storm him which was good since I am not alone. Actually everything was pretty good until we lost power about 10 hours ago- then expectations of riding out the storm in relative comfort were dashed- and with no heat in the house there are really only a few rooms that are comfortable- so we are kind of weaving and bobbing around each other. I am trying to give the two of them some space so I keep excusing myself to do other things- but now that the sun is down that is a bit harder.

The ironic thing is that we do not have enough wood…. this is kind of funny since Dave has roaring fires almost every night if it is under 50 degrees. And now when we could really use the heat- our wood supply is exhausted. 

But this break in the norm gives me a really good opportunity to write about what I have been doing. I know that I have kind of gone silent recently- partly because I am working hard, but mostly because I am wrestling with lots of different questions with regard to my work. I have had some triumphs and some failures but I am finding the process cathartic. 

by JudyK