Studio kudos

What a crazy whirlwind this has been. Just when i thought everything was done I ran into a hiccup. Thanks to a superb floor guy- the floor issue was resolved to perfection. After getting everything done I called the Sussex County Planning department to find out where my certificate of occupancy was- I had mailed a check in December and the last electrical inspection was finished and approved. Much to my horror- the person answering the phone told me that I had never had a framing inspection- just a framing consultation way back in May. What this meant was that the county could legally tell me to rip out all the drywall, insulation and paneling to see the framing. I made an urgent call to George Abetti who handled the inspection for me, and I will say that both of us did not sleep for 24 hours waiting for the building inspector to come see the place the next day. Luckily he was exceptionally reasonable and I was armed with hundreds of photographs showing every step of the way. What I did not have, George did- so we were prepared. And with the exception of adding a handrail to the outside steps we are good to go.
I spent a blissful night pinning up batting on three of the walls and hanging two pieces of art that I have been saving for this place.
Last but not least, Dave and I hung a mezuzah at the entry to the studio which in a way sanctified it as a special place. 

It takes more than a village to build a studio and I feel like there are a number of people that need special thanks.
  1. Nancy Crow- who for years and years mentored me about the importance of having my own space that could handle big projects. Without her constantly buzzing in my ear I am not sure I would have done this.
  2. Cory, John, Steve, and George Abetti from Geobarns who made this a reality and were there to provide a safety net whenever I got worried. And Dave Hamilton- a fellow GSDer and talented architect who took my chicken scratch and made it work.
  3. Luc, Ross, and Jeremy from LJWright - the carpenters who did all the finish work as well as installing the flooring. They worked closely with me and Max installing beautiful reclaimed wood that was at time challenging. From the closets, the hidden pull out drawer, and shelving to the custom iron work on the railing- their professionalism showed through on everything they touched. Luc is a real perfectionist and a damn good cook as well. It is not always easy having guys staying in your house, but both George’s crew and Luc’s crew were top notch and treated our house with respect- they were perfect guests. 

  1. Oswaldo Echeverry, Ivan and Manuel- who had the nasty job of installing insulation and drywall in 100 degree heat and humidity. Not only did they paint and prime the entire barn and woodwork, but they did a masterful job of hanging pinboard so it did not look like a design afterthought.Owaldo has been a go-to person throughout the entire process and I feel fortunate to have made a friend that will last way past the building completion. His charming positive demeanor did lots to calm me down. Oswaldo was also able to introduce us to Benny Lopez who did a masterful job on finishing the floors as well as teaching me the importance of buffing! 

  1. Jerry Layton- electrician extraordinaire who was one of the only Delaware contractors to answer my calls and actually bid on the project. He was patient with me when I asked a zillion questions, and tolerant when our schedules were not jiving. 
  2. Max Pollock and the team at Details Deconstruction who loving provided us with all of the flooring and some of the trim work which graces the studio. We have are proud to have wood that was salvaged from houses built in Baltimore between 1890 and 1907. Without the work of Details this lumber would have ended up on landfill. 
  3. Dave Pollock- Last but certainly not least is my dear life partner and husband who gave me this studio as a 60th birthday present.  When I opened up an envelope containing a key three years ago- I never really believed that we would actually build the studio. I thought it was a joke. But Dave’s encouragement, and persistence- even when I exceeded the budget- really allowed this project to come to fruition. He never once complained about the hassles of having workmen living in our house all summer and fall, and not once did he question the financial feasibility of this adventure. For that I will be eternally grateful. 

by JudyK