The perils of being your own subcontractor

I was so ready to get into the studio. Dave and I packed up the car with the fabric that I wanted out at the studio and we headed out for the long New Years weekend. My plan was to get everything except my large work tables situated. HAHAHAHA. Ah the plans of mice and men.
We got there and the first thing we noticed was the floor. My beautiful floor- which was supposed to be a matte satin finished was now an ugly glossy mess. There was one area that needed to be fixed, and the person fixing it made it ten times worse. After completely freaking out- to myself- I realized that the floor was going to have to re-done. I contacted the contractor and now we have a new floor guy coming out on Saturday to assess the damage. I am hoping that it is only a small fix, but everything I have read seems to indicate that I might have to sand down the first floor. The problem is not only that it is shiny- but the application is so uneven that you can see the places where he missed... UGH. I just know I can not live with this even though it will set me back several weeks.
Naturally I refrained from setting anything up since I knew I would just have to take everything out again.
Then on to the electricity- the punch list is a mile long- starting with a fuse box that keeps tripping- not a good sign- and a fan that will not turn on, and three or four blinking recessed lights. Dave and I installed all of our LEDs which was a comedy of errors- but we finally got light into the studio- and I have to say it is magnificent light. And, NEWS FLASH it turns out that the fan that does not work has to be returned and then the electrician has to come again.

So with a long 5 days ahead of me I did decide to move in one table, a chair and a sewing machine to work on- just to experience the space. It was lovely seeing the sunlight move across the walls as the day progressed. I know it will take me a while to get used to and to find my rhythm. It took me some finagling to find a place where the heater fan does not blow on my neck- and I know lights will need to be repositioned. But, I can see the near future will be wonderful.... if I can just keep my cool and get through the next hurdle.

by JudyK