Odds and ends

I have been at the studio since Thursday and am learning more each day about setting up the studio- what I still need, what I should have planned for.

1. My final final inspection is done. I had a county inspector give me the go-ahead after I had to have some hand railings installed on the three outside steps. Big sigh of relief. But I have to say that I probably have the most expensive damn stairs- and possibly the ugliest- but I am not going to get fixated on it.

2. When I am at the Crow Barn I have the sloppiest wall in terms of hanging up my batting on the walls. Here, I have taken two days to pin up 6 walls. And they are a thing of beauty although I have to admit it was rather hard on my body sliding around on the floor. I bought a 25 yard roll of batting- bleached white 108" wide and it has been perfect. Rolls are definitely the way to go.

3. My trusty old chair is biting the dust. In a fit of madness I spend 2 hours trying to pick 5 years worth of lint and thread out of its five casters. So I am shopping for a new chair- and boy have they gotten expensive. I actually think I want two chairs- a regular task chair and a stool. I prefer armless.
I have found lots of chairs that I like but I need to sit on it. I have already made the mistake of buying a chair from a Herman Miller catalogue that looked beautiful- but is not particularly comfortable. Recommendations anyone?

4. I had to resend some photo files out today. For someone who has been doing this for a long time boy did I feel stupid. I accidentally grabbed a pdf that was only 100 dpi instead of 300dpi. Modern technology makes it easy/hard to send big files. Some people use googledrive, some use dropbox, some want email- and on these big files it is a pain. Luckily after fretting about it for a good three hours I got the correct files sent. And I mentally thanked Heath, my ex-production manager from shielding this from me for so many years.

5. I have learned a lot about ladders. Did you know that commercial ladders- safety ladders cost almost $1000 plus huge shipping costs? I did some research into ladders since I want to go high and feel safe. I am tired of getting to the second or third step and not feeling secure. So I bought myself a really good Werner ladder that has a large platform at the top and railings I can hold onto all the way up. It was a good investment and I was able to hang pieces of 120" x 90" batting by myself. And I only paid $148 and picked it up at Lowes.

6. I can feel myself getting more efficient already. I managed to finish quilting a piece I have been working on for a while and am almost done quilting another piece that has been hanging around for almost a year or so. I also cut strips of fabric from lots of scraps to make a bed quilt someday.... so I have been a busy bee.

7. I really can not wait until my industrial cutting tables arrive. Those are key to me being able to work on multiple large surfaces at one time. It has been hard getting them moved from DC to Lewes but meantime I am making due with a couple of bridge tables- and since I am not doing serious cutting right now that's ok.

8. It is going to be easy for me to be a hermit out there, so I put a big comfy chair in the corner for when Dave feels like visiting or just want to read. And it is probably a plus that there is no bathroom in the barn since it forces me to go to the house and check in. I rather like that.

9. My dog Barley found his favorite place in the barn- sandwiched between the corner of two walls and the orange chair.

All in all I am as happy as a pig in a poke. And that's a fine place to be.

by JudyK