Waiting for the sun to come up

It is 4 in the morning, and once again I am wide awake. So many design ideas are swirling through my head and my brain will not turn off. I even tried my yoga breathing- but I now find myself sitting here and writing instead of sleeping.

I feel excited to be working in new directions. I am nervous that the new pieces may not work- but I sure am having fun. For the first time since retirement I feel like I am in control of my time. Nevertheless I find so many welcome distractions keep my focus shifting around like a moving target.

I have spent way too many hours burying threads on older and new pieces. One of my larger Conflict pieces is leaving home and will now reside with my nephew who has always loved my work. Taking it down from the shelf last night I realized that I had not finished the back before sending it to be photographed a few years ago- so that is a task I must finish.

I finished quilting and binding a smaller piece that I have been working on- and now I  have to sew on a sleeve- which I hate doing. The best part about this piece is that I finally found some heavy fabric- called target- it is a poly cotton blend that has just the right stiffness for binding- and my quilt is as flat as a pancake. I also used the target for backing up a larger piece I am working on with some trapunto- and it is holding up very well. It is a very dark black and the only bad part is that it is only 54" wide- so I will have to seam it for large pieces.

I am almost done quilting up a piece that has taken me a year to sew 1/8" lines in the background. It has been pretty tedious- but the end is in sight and I am excited to finish it and bind it up. I have a good feeling about this piece. It is happy.

I took some of my focus away talking to a lovely group of quilters locally. My past life always had me over preparing for presentations, and this was no exception. For a one hour presentation I figured that I spent at least 4-5 hours putting together a keynote, getting down and putting away 5 quilts, and getting my notes and thoughts in order. I believe it was a success, but it also was a bit of a distraction and I have to decide how much I really want to talk to groups if at all. I enjoy meeting other women- but I know it is taking my focus away.

JAPAN! Exciting and scary as hell. I have to write up some course ideas and I have been putting this on the back burner for too long. I am so worried that I will not have anything of value to share with these quilters. I have to teach for 6 hours- and some of that time is studio time of course- but I take my teaching responsibility seriously and want to make sure I give them their monies worth.

And now, early in the morning- I want to start some collage studies. I have long wanted to do a series on body image. More on that in another post.

I like the quiet and solitude in the middle of the night- or early morning- I know I need my sleep but my brain seems perfectly happy to spin around with new ideas interspersed with a long to-do list. But it is lovely to sit in a quiet house waiting for the sun to come up.

by JudyK