Will wonders never cease?

Last year I bought some fabric from a source in China. I have worked with Alice before and had no problem. This time, I opened my box and thought that the fabric was too light and brown for my needs. Their return policy is pretty good so I wrote her a note and she agreed to refund my purchase for a roll that was much darker. This fabric is not cheap- my 13" wide roll ran about $200, so I was happy that she was so flexible.

I went to the local post office and sent it off. Packages to China, by the way, are not trackable through the USPS, but I did not think much of it. I waited two weeks, and when I did not hear back from Alice I started to get concerned. She never received the package and was not certain if it had passed customs. I contacted the local post office- no help- as well as the hellish website that runs you round and round and round in a circle. I managed to get in contact with the lost parcel depot in Atlanta- the home for all lost packages. They were not able to track it, and according to them, there were no scans to show that it even left my local post office. I mailed this package on March 1 and was still trying to locate it in September- with no luck.
I finally gave up and figured I was down $200. Luckily I have found another source stateside- that has similar fabric but for twice the price- but three weeks ago I put in another order for about $400.
Yesterday, I heard a thump on my porch, and low and behold- there was the package. It had been to China and back and returned to be almost one year later. They said I did not have enough information to deliver it which is ironic since I used the exact address label they gave me. And the box was in pretty bad shape. The fabric inside was in perfect condition, and as it turns out is now, a year later, exactly the shade of color that I need.
Will wonders never cease?

by JudyK