Busy as a bee

 It is positively heavenly working in my new palace. I can finally work on more than one piece at a time and that is allowing me a lot of variety. I went out to Lewes for 4 days last week while Dave was in Austin Texas. I took my sweet dog who keeps me company and really likes the new studio.
Over four days I worked on a piece that I have been putting aside for a while. I almost finished hemming a piece that has taken me 2 years to piece and quilt, I did some sketching for some new work, and I played with colors for my scrap quilt. It was heaven.
I have two self imposed deadlines to help keep me motivated. I have the Master Class at the Barn at the end of May and I have to prepare for my Japanese class and visit. I have been working like crazy on new work to present at Nancy's and should have some totally new work to present. And I have decided upon much reflection to teach a one day course on sewing circles. I think that may be more interesting than dealing with emotion in art. I can work some of that into my presentation but I feel that most people may want to walk away with something more concrete. So top on my list is to create samples and put together a detailed handout that can be translated into Japanese that the students can walk away with.
I am decidedly more relaxed and even had time to take Barley to the beach. This is a good life.

by JudyK