Color improvisations II- Part 1

I have so many different thoughts about the last few days. Lots of mixed up impressions so I am not sure how coherent this post will be so bear with me. 
The show
It was amazing to see so many large quilts hung together and it was quite impressive to say the least.  It was thrilling to see the hard labor of so many women hanging together. And I had my favorites. Nancy's piece was spectacular. Not only was the color and composition wonderful but the machine quilting was stupendous. It would be impossible to show all the quilts in one place, but a great place to see most of them is on Colleen Kole's facebook page.

Certainly my palette is different.... Much darker than most of the pieces the show and one of the only pieces that had a restrained color sensibility. I am sure to the untrained eye my piece looked very simplistic compared to some of the complex piecing going on. But I know that making something look simple is hard to do. 
I know that Nancy worked very hard to get a show where each piece was strong.The show held together since we are all on the same journey as artists and simply at different paths along the road. I kept looking at Nancy's piece thinking how far I still have to go and excited to get back and recommence work.

Neumunster was a hospitable place with a wonderful little hotel with very good food. I am eager to see where else this will travel. I have heard rumors of London and Barcelona but those are only rumors. And there are possibilities to get the show to travel in the USA.

My fellow artists
Ah the icing on the cake. What a wonderful crew of ladies we have with absolutely wonderful husbands. It was a treat to meet the significant others that I have heard of all these years and they all seemed to being enjoying themselves and the success of their partners. Reconnecting with old friends and meeting new German and Swiss quilters was a highlight for me. After all these years of going to the barn and working and struggling and supporting each other through ups and downs it was special to share this important event. I can not wait to reconnect again.

What a force to be reckoned with. She is such a ball of passion and energy and fight. And we all know this exhibit would not have taken place without her focus on getting our work seen. Her sense of humor and her drive were apparent the whole time and I believe all 42 of the artists felt lucky to be in her presence. We all did our best to bring honor to our teacher and mentor. I am sure if you did a straw poll of all the artists they would tell you without hesitation what a major force she has been in our lives.

by JudyK